RS, NJ & MP Glanville

RS, NJ & MP Glanville – Rumination Collars

Awarded £12,498(40% of the total project costs of £31,245) of LEADER funding from Making it Local towardsthe purchase of 250 Collars with HR-LD tags (long-distance activity and rumination) together with the associated Pro LD System including a DF master card, software, antenna, and cable. This will lead to improved herd health and an increase in farm productivity.

Marshwood Farm is an organic dairy farm partnership, with 3 FTE’s, in the ownership of Roy, Nancy and Mark Glanville (the applicant) for the past 16 years.

The partnership was started in 2000 as a conventional dairy farm, covering 225 hectares, including agricultural cropping of grass, maize, oats and barley. In 2009 the farm converted to fully organic milk and has increased to its current herd level of 250 cows (from 125 cows in 2000). The current organic herd yields 7,600 litres of milk a year.

Mark will be responsible for taking this project forward as he is seeking ways in which to make the farm more productive and lower output costs. The rumination collars will enable them to easily oversee the health of their herd – identifying animals with health issues much faster than conventional methods currently employed. The rumination collars will also enable them to understand the most productive periods for the cows, reaching a better level of production.

On a recent site visit Mark commented on the difference the collars had already made, and how both the partnership and the vets were very impressed with the early detection of health issues.


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13th February 2020