RH and MJ Hurford

RH and MJ Hurford – Efficient Dairy Farming

Awarded £13,254 (40% of the total project costs of £33,135) of LEADER funding from Making it Local towards the purchase of a heat recovery unit and rumination collars to improve the health, welfare and productivity of the cows whilst also improving energy efficiency on the farm.

RH and MJ Hurford have been operating for 25 years when Andrew joined the partnership at the age of 18. Lower Westwater Farm is a dairy farm, originally starting with 224 acres and has now grown to 344 acres and the number of cows has increased from 130 to 220, increasing the milk yield from 7,000 litres to 9,500 litres per cow. They employ 3.4 FTEs.

The proposed project has come about from the desire of the applicant to improve the health, welfare and efficiency of his herd and reduce costs while increasing productivity. The applicant has attended several demonstrations of the equipment and had the opportunity to discuss the efficiencies with other users.


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13th February 2020