Rebel Town Pizza

Rebel Town Pizza – Mobile Pizza Van

Awarded £8,247.36 (40% of the total project costs of £20,618.40) of LEADER funding from Making it Local towards the purchase of a vehicle which will be converted into a bespoke self-contained pizza van and to include the integration of a wood fired pizza oven.

Rebel Town Pizza was established in 2015 and is owned and managed by brothers Ross and Lee Clifford who are the current employees.

Rebel Town Pizza is a mobile wood-fired pop up pizzeria serving authentic thin crust pizza. It is based in Colyford in East Devon and attends events including weddings, festivals, fetes etc.

Ross and Lee wanted to grow the business, and found that there were some events that they were unable to attend because of the size of their equipment, as many of the sites are limited. They considered how they could overcome this and decided that a vehicle adapted into a bespoke pizza kitchen with integrated wood-fired pizza oven would be a suitable option. This will allow the business to attend more events where they previously couldn’t due to the size and manoeuvrability of their current vehicle and trailer. They will also be able to offer cooking workshops. The demand for the business to attend more events is growing. They will employ 6 staff a year for the events; this equates to 1 FTE. They will still use their current equipment, and can therefore attend multiple events.


Posted on

13th February 2020