Peter E Hurford & Partners

Peter E Hurford & Partners – Slurry management and Green bedding

Awarded £15,831 (40% of total project costs of £39,579) of LEADER Funding from Making it Local for the purchase and installation of a Slurry Separator. This investment will reduce waste and increase on-farm efficiency. The equipment will take the liquid portion of the cow slurry away leaving the recycled manure solids (RMS) which will be used for cow bedding. This will reduce the need for the farm to import saw dust bedding.

P E Hurford & Partners is a family run owner occupied farm in operation for 25 years. The farm is 137 ha of grass (113 ha), wheat (11 ha) and maize (13 ha), which supports 260 cows and an average of 160 followers which are all reared on the farm. The farm employs 2 fte staff and part time labour (3.5 fte in total).

The applicant, Andrew Hurford, is the lead partner on the farm holding and will have the responsibility of managing the project implementation and then the continued use of the new slurry management system, after the electrical engineers have overseen the fitting of the equipment.

As part of an ongoing development plan the farm has recently invested in new housing facilities and has now identified that a new slurry management system is required to facilitate this increased enterprise mix.


Posted on

13th February 2020