Pebblebed Vineyard

Pebblebed Vineyard – semi-automatic disgorging/dosage machine.

Awarded £7,068 (40% of the total project costs of £17,670) of LEADER funding from Making it Local, towards the purchase of a disgorging/dosing machine (DD 700 M semi-automatic) to process sparkling wine. This will allow the applicant to double their production capacity and offer a disgorging contracting service to other local vineyards.

Pebblebed Vineyard was established in 1999 and is owned and managed by Geoffrey and Anna Bowen. The planting of 0.2 hectares, and has steadily grown with 12 hectares to date. The applicant first started making their own wine in 2012 with the maturity of the vines. Geoffrey Bowen runs the vineyard as a

The support to invest in a new semi-automatic disgorging/dosage machine will allow them to make their own sparkling wine. Until now they have been using a manual machine which is time consuming, the new machine will allow them to double production, and also to complete the winemaking process with the disgorging, which they are currently unable to do. They will also be able to offer a disgorging service to local vineyards who currently send their wine all over the country.

The Project will be run by Geoffrey with support from Alex. Geoffrey is an experience project manager, and has run multimillion pound projects in both the public and private sector. Alex is a qualified wine maker with a BSc from Sussex University.



Posted on

13th February 2020