Nigel Priston Forestry

Nigel Priston Forestry – Forestry machinery

Awarded £37,708 (40% of the total project costs of £94,270) of LEADER funding from Making it Local to purchase of three items of forestry machinery that will allow Nigel to increase business capacity of a micro forestry business and continuity of production:

1) Timber Forwarder

2) Firewood Processor

3) Forestry Winch

Nigel Priston Forestry was established in 1997. Nigel works with local woodland owners who have felling licences to manage their woodlands.

Nigel extracts hardwood which is then dried in a kiln that reduces the drying time from 1 year to 1 day. As this is a superior quality wood demand is high, and exceeding the availability. Soft wood is used to fuel the Kiln.

To enable Nigel to grow his business he wanted to invest in three items, a forwarder, winch and processor. These will enable Nigel to access more woodlands and increase productivity and also to meet demand.

It will also enable Nigel to access less accessible woodlands and therefore offer his forestry services to more owners.

This project will create full time employment for the current part time employee; it will also provide year round work.


Posted on

13th February 2020