Lower Keats Farm Glamping

Awarded £68,585.56 (40% of the total project costs of £171,463.90) of LEADER funding from Making it Local to prepare the site and purchase and fit out of 6 large ‘safari’ style tents, to create a new glamping site in the Axminster area.

Gary and Linda Kellaway were looking to create a new income through his land. They saw an opportunity to use their land for tourism purposes, as it is too small to create a feasible agricultural business (just 14 acres) but does sit in a very pleasing location that lends itself to a glamping site. The glamping site will be a new venture which Gary and Linda, it will create a FTE job for Gary and they will employ another person at 0.45 FTE

Gary runs a hoof trimming service which is drop off through the invention of greater automated hoof trimming equipment, the applicant sees diversifying into a tourism business as a successor to his current business.

The glamping site will attract visitors to the area and will have a benefit to many local businesses and tourist attractions.

The luxury tents will be a high specification with stoves, kitchens and bathrooms, making them usable all year.



Posted on

13th February 2020