Haye Farm

Haye Farm – Processing Facility

Awarded £56,684.83 (40% of the total project costs of £146,713.07) of LEADER funding from Making it Local to build a new building to create a processing facility on the farm.

The company was established in 2014 when the farm was purchased and is owned and managed by Harry Boglione and Emily Perry.

The farm occupies 66.7 acres and is an organic holding. There has been significant investment from the partners (over £130,000) in machinery, equipment and improvements on the farm. They farm Ruby Red Devon Cattle, sheep, rare breed pigs, ducks and 550 egg chickens. They produce 200 meat chickens each month and grow vegetables on 4 acres.

Harry requested funding to create in a new building to house a processing plant. This will enable them to add value to the products they farm. It will also enable them to process their products onsite, reducing costs of using other processor, enabling the business to grow.

Harry will bring 50 new products to the market place, including a wide selection of charcuterie products, meat, jams, chutneys and herbs.

The investment will also create 4 FTE Jobs.


Posted on

13th February 2020