Axminster Heritage

Axminster Heritage LTD – Restoration the 18th century Dye house

Awarded £90,772 (80% of the total project costs of £113,465) of LEADER funding from Making it Local to restore the 18th century Dye house and toilets which are in a very poor state. The dye house will then be used as a learning centre running courses, talks and demonstrations and exhibition space

Axminster Heritage Limited was incorporated in 2005 and became a registered charity in 2006. Axminster Heritage Limited is governed by a board of trustees all of whom are from within the wider local community.

In 2005 they established a heritage centre in a former carpet factory, displaying the rich and important history of Axminster’s carpet industry.

In 2014 Axminster museum merged with AHL, the merger included their collection. The group acquired the old Whitty carpet factory, a grade II listed building which they are restoring in 3 phases:

Phase 1 of the project was enabling a temporary exhibition space to be created to enable members of the public to visit the collection which was relocated to Thomas Witty house, this was completed in 2015.

Phase 2, which is this project, will see the Dye house restored and used for learning and exhibitions.

Phase 3 will be the renovation of drill hall and a café, shop and garden created. HLF funding has been secured for these works.

This project expects to attract 7,500 visitors by 2020.


Posted on

13th February 2020