Where will Making it Local operate?

Please see the eligibility map.

How long do I have to apply for grants?

We expect grants to be available from October 2015 until March 2018.

What costs are ineligible?

  • costs for standard agricultural equipment & inputs, like animals & annual crops.
  • cost of agricultural production rights & payment entitlements;
  • cost of getting any consents needed, for example planning permission;
  • costs for anything that’s a standard industry obligation, for example requirements of the Basic Payment Scheme
  • costs that are incurred before the date of the grant funding agreement;
  • financial charges, such as interest, fines and maintenance;
  • reclaimable VAT;
  • any items the applicant already gets EU or national funding for;
  • projects the applicant is required to do by law or to meet a legal requirement;
  • like-for-like replacements;
  • costs connected with a leasing contract, such as lessor’s margin, interest refinancing costs, overheads and insurance charges;
  • salaries, running costs;
  • relocation of the business;
  • own labour;
  • licence fees, subscriptions and service charges;
  • standard computer and mobile equipment; and
  • costs for renewable heat and energy systems covered by the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) or Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) aren’t eligible.

NB this is not an exhaustive list.

Access to broadband services is ineligible but would a small grant for WIFI also be ineligible?

All broadband expenditure in ineligible.

Could applicants claim own labour or time of others (as match contributions)

No they can’t.

Is in-kind ineligible across all priorities?

Yes it is.

How can an applicant apply for a grant using lease or hire purchase finance as match?

There is further wording in the handbook which states. ‘If any equipment used in the project is bought using lease purchase or hire purchase, applicants must own the equipment outright before any grant money is paid towards it. That means that the applicant will need to have paid all instalments for the equipment and show that title to the equipment has passed to them before being paid any grant money towards it’.

Basic services priority – can it include rural transport projects?

Yes, where it can be shown that there are good reasons why this doesn’t come under the local authorities’ requirements to provide.

We understand that LEADER cannot support revenue costs such as salaries. What if a service was contracted out rather than a person employed. For example if information centre staffing was procured as a service rather than employed is this acceptable?

LEADER should not be used to fund salaries associated with the ongoing running of a project.

What grant help is available for events and festivals?

As long as the event or festival can demonstrate how it relates to job creation and growth then it is eligible. The event/festival needs to take place in a rural area or be able to show that it would directly benefit rural areas. Eligible expenditure would include all capital costs, e.g. equipment hire, marquee hire, room/field hire, marketing development costs (printing costs associated with leaflets would not be eligible). Salaries (permanent/temporary to run the event/festival) would not be eligible.

How much can I ask for?

The grant amount will depend on:

  • The type of project;
  • The size of the business; and
  • The costs involved. (NOTE: not all the costs of a project will necessarily qualify for funding.)

The minimum grant request is £2500 this would be a minimum project cost of £6250.

What is the intervention rate?

For all businesses under each priority it is 40%, however there is a possibility of additional funding under certain priorities for non-profit making organisations. This is determined by each LAG.

Is a CIC or other social enterprise regarded as a business (and therefore capped at 40%) or able to claim up to the full 100% as a not for profit company?

The intervention rate is dependent on the activity being funded. If the intention is to establish an activity which would create a profit then the activity should be funded at 40%.

Who can apply?

Farmers, grower, forester, local rural business or community organisations who are in the REAL Devon area.

Will forestry applications need a Woodland management plan?

Yes, woodland owners will need to confirm they have a woodland management plan in place and be aware that it could be inspected at any time.